Following the launch event for the newest Furon 2.0 and Visaro cleats, it was time to hit the field and test them out. We were particularly curious to see how the second generation Furon would perform, and what a better setting than Liverpool FC’s own training ground?


Melwood, in West Derby, Liverpool, is widely known as the home for Liverpool FC training sessions, and has received legends such as Steven Gerrard and rising stars like Philippe Coutinho. Last week was our turn to visit the place and test the latest New Balance cleats, Furon 2.0 and Visaro.

Everyone had two pairs waiting for them, and we all wanted to try the Furon 2.0 first to see how they evolved from the original model. Expectations were high, and we are glad to say we were not disappointed.


Some of Liverpool’s finest coaches were tasked with leading some drill exercises so we could feel the new Furon boots in different contexts. The first thing you’ll notice upon lacing them up is that they are way softer and more comfortable that their predecessors, a feature that helps you keep focused on the game and show the full extent of your skills.

The upper provides a really good feel and powers your shooting power and accuracy, while also protecting your feet from the usual contact situations. Fortunately, it was a rainy day, and we got to see how the boots did in wet conditions. The soleplate is the same from last year, and we’re happy to see it remains as responsive and supportive as always, so you don’t have to worry about running at full speed.


The improvement is quite noticeable, and we hope to see more and more of these cleats on the fields around the world.

We also tested the new Visaro colorway, which retains all of its original specifications for exquisite ball control and comfort. Its meshed upper is one of the best on the market, and the shoe feels like it’s part of your body. The new colors are spot on, easily the best combination Visaro has had so far.


We can’t decide which one is better, as they both have different purposes and are designed for different playing styles. It’s up to you, are you a “Game On” or a “Game Over” on the field? Furon 2.0 and Visaro cleats will be soon available at World Soccer Shop!