Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and AS Velasco is taking the ‘beautiful game’ to a new level.

It should probably come as no surprised that the amateur soccer team is based in Milan.  The city known for art and fashion is also known for its soccer with high-profile teams Internazionale and AC Milan calling the San Siro home.

The goal of AS Velasca is to combine the passions of art and soccer.

“AS Velasca is a club that brings football and art together,” said Wolfgang Natlacen, the club’s president.

The club was founded by 5 friends in 2015.  They play in Italy’s church league and art and design influences every aspect about the club from art inspired jersey numbers to an artistic approach to the captain’s armband and substitution boards.

“The (AS Velasca) shirt is effectively a collector’s item,” Regis Seneque, the club’s primary artist.  They are valuable for how they have been created.  And they will remain works of art for a long time because of the people that have worn them.  The art reflects the history of the football club.”

AS Velasca team posters

The club wears a classy Joma soccer team jersey in red with white detailing and a polo collar.  The team does not have a front-of-the-jersey sponsor but include cinder block drawing by Seneque.

Unlike most amateur teams, players are assigned a jersey number at the start of the season which they keep for the entire campaign.

And unlike other amateur clubs and professional clubs, players need more than soccer skills to earn a place on the roster.  They must also support an artistic project.

The club has big aspirations but despite their home games being played only a couple of hundred yards for the San Siro they have a long way to go before reaching the heights of first like soccer.