Real Madrid are eager to return to the top of La Liga this season and repeat as Champions League winners.  Graphic illustrator Fulvio Obregon has given his unique look at how a team of Sumo Madrid will look dominating the Dohyo.

Obregon does a great job of not just making the players fat but also in representing their look from facial features to the Real Madrid 2014/15 home jersey to the player’s cleats.

It is not the first time, we have seen some portly players from the Colombian artist.  He did a similar look for some of the top players from the World Cup.

And was it foretelling (or just luck) that the only players showing his teeth in the series was none other than Luis Suarez.

Which player do you think has the best chance of one day looking like their fat footballer image?  And for more Fat Footballers check out Obregon’s complete collection.