Premier League club Southampton are marching into the 2017/18 campaign with a pair of new jerseys from Under Armour.

The Saints’ latest home jersey is evocative of one of the club’s more memorable times, the early and mid 1980’s.



The usual red and white stripes make way for a red jersey with a white center stripe and a dark colored outlines. The black outlines in the original shirt has been lifted for modern times, as very thin red pinstripes are placed within.

The back of the jersey retains the white center stripe. More intricate striping can be seen on the sleeve cuffs, with a black and red stripe pattern over a white cuff.

The collar also has a modern appearance, with a red v-neck insert on a round neck shape.



Southampton’s clash shirt has a black and teal striped look. Four teal stripes take up the front of the jersey, with a matching modern rounded v-neck collar and sleeve cuffs.

Both jerseys have a red and black stripe trim on the inner neck, and the slogan “We March On” on the nape, the back neck under the collar.

The shorts on the home are black with red trim, with the away in teal with black trim. The home socks are white with a red band and black and red striped trim.

The away socks are striped black and teal.

Virgin Media is the shirt sponsor.

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