South Korea and Nike have teamed up to unveil one of the best looking away jerseys thus far of 2014.  The simple white jersey at first glance stands apart from other jerseys with the open stub collar and blue and red panels on the upper sleeve.

SKorea_away_jerseyThe inspiration for the detailing comes from the Taegeuk, the red and blue yin and yang symbol in the center of the South Korean flag, and is represented on the jersey.  The left upper left sleeve has a blue panel of the Taegeuk and the upper right sleeve has a red panel while the remainder of the jersey is a pure white.

SKorea_away_collarThe color representation is continued on the piping on the collar with the right side of the collar having the blue detail and the left side having the red detail.

SKorea_away_RiskEverything“The clean and crisp white kit, with highlights of red and blue, is visually stunning,” said Korean National Team midfielder Chung Yong Lee.

Keeping to the new trend of including a pennant tab on the inside back of the collar, the 2014 South Korea jersey has a Tuhon symbol in Korean calligraphy that translates ‘Fighting Spirit.’  This is 100% accurate in describing the high paced, energetic style of play of the Taegeuk Warriors.

The white serves as the background for the Korea Federation badge over the heart and the Nike swoosh logo on the right chest.

SKorea_away_kitThe Korea full 2014 away kit is completed with white shorts and white socks.

What do you think of the Nike South Korea away jersey?  Is this a hero or zero?

Get in the Gear.  The South Korea National Team 2014 away jersey is at the World Soccer Shop.