Soccer scarves have been used to make a statement at soccer stadia for decades. Hard core fans hold them up before matches and during team anthems and commemorative ones are made for big matches but they are taking hold as a must have fashion trend for even the non-soccer fans.

Vogue made sure that what soccer fans have known for years will be picked up by the fashion forward in their article ‘What Do David Beckham and Your Fall Wardrobe Have in Common?’ pointing to the soccer scarf trend.

The fashion magazine called out a ‘a lone showgoer was captured in a glossy-gauche outfit comprised of Supreme shower slides with white sports socks, a monogrammed Gucci backpack, and, looped around his neck, the pinnacle of the deliciously tacky: the football scarf. (That’d be soccer, to the USA native.)’ at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

But the look has hit the runway as well with Vetements including a high-priced ‘soccer style’ scarf as part of their Fall 2015 collection.

Soccer fans don’t need Vogue to explain this soccer style.  They have embraced the look for years whether it is heading to the stadium, pub, or as a last minute addition on the way to work to help fend off the cold and all the while showing your love for the game and your club.

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