The Stade de France, Paris, and the entire world were shaken last Friday night when wave of terrorist attacks were launched in central Paris. 129 people were killed and 99 critically wounded by the 8 known attackers with the Islamic State claiming responsibility.

The soccer world was one target of the attacks with 3 suicide bombers attempting to enter the Stade de France during the friendly between the French and German national teams.  A freelancer for World Soccer Shop, Stephen DeVries, was at the France vs Germany match after covering the unveiling of adidas’ Euro 2016 Federation jerseys in Paris earlier that day.

François-Xavier Prévost, a former intern with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, was 1 of the people killed at the Bataclan Theater during the show by American band Eagles of Death Metal.

@FrenchToffees, the administrator of an Everton Supporters’ Group in France, was also among those killed at the Bataclan Theater.  A final message was posted saying that ‘the person who responded to your message will no longer’ which Everton replying via their social media ‘the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Everton are with you.’

These are just 3 incidents but illustrate how these attacks have shaken the soccer world in the U.S.

People around the world continue to mourn and struggle to figure out how and why an event like this happen and have turned to social media to express their shock, sympathy, and outrage by using the #PrayForParis and #JeSuisParis hashtags.

The only way to show those who carried out these horrific attacks is to support those affected by the attacks and not let their actions change our lives.

These are some ways you can help make an impact as Paris recovers.

French Red Cross - Paris Relief
French Red Cross
– The organization has set up support centers and have over 300 volunteers helping.  Donations can be made in English.  The American Red Cross issued a statement on the Attacks in Paris that included contact phone numbers to help locate U.S. Citizens living or traveling in France.

Friends of Fondation de France
Friends of Fondation de France
– Friends of Fondation de France, Inc. (FFDF) is a public charity in the United States.  It allows for donations to be designated to a specific fund.

Local Organizations – Local organizations are also mobilizing to help those in need.  Secours populaire française’s president, Julien Lauprêtre, issued a statement that the organization is mourning “in the face of barbarism and hate” and called for “gestures of humanity.”  The site is only available in French.

Pray for Paris - Secours Catholique-Caritas France
Secours Catholique-Caritas France routinely helps victims and impoverished. The site is only available in French.

facebook French flag overlay for Paris attack solidarity
Social Media Solidarity – facebook has enabled users to overlay the colors of the French flag on their profile pictures.  Find out how to include the Tri Colors overlay on your profile picture.