The traditional soccer cleat has gone through some changes over the past couple of years but a new revolution is in the works and it is not coming from one of the major brands.  Boot Technologies Limited has designed what they call a ‘radical new boot’ the Serafino 4th Edge.

Serafino 4th Edge Soccer cleat

The uppers looks like any other cleat on the market with 1 exception; it includes a square-toe to give the players an added strike zone with the toe-poke in mind.  The reinforced square-toe gives players a more accurate way to strike the ball with their toe while decreasing injury risk to the metatarsal bones of the foot.

The Serafino 4th Edge provides the ‘Serafino toe’ that provides a 33% advantage over any rival cleat.

And don’t just believe the marketing hype.  Harry Redknapp said the cleat was a ‘very comfortable boot’ and had the ‘added weapon of that harder toe’ and that the toe is not used enough in striking the ball. Former player Garth Crooks added that the cleat will prove most lethal for strikers in the 6 yard box for quick shots with no back lift of the leg to get power and accuracy on goal.

The cleat has gone through 32 prototypes to get to the final design.  But sadly the spark to ignite the revolution has yet to be struck.  Boot Technologies Limited is running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce this cleat and make it available to players around the globe and are confident it will be ready ‘Coming January 2016.’

If you want to be the first to own this new revolutionary cleat, pledges of approximately $135 get a free pair of the cleats.  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.