By Brian Jennings – Jared Watts is one of the more versatile members of the 2015 Colorado Rapids.  The second year pro can shift from center-back to defensive-midfielder with various other players around him at any time. He looks for a boot to be similar in that he just wants a model that is dependable and comfortable without causing any issues within his game.

“With the adidas I stick with the 11Pro,” says Watts after trying a few different brands early in 2015 but ultimately going back with what he knew.  “The thing I like about these is the leather.  Being able to break in and form to my foot I feel more comfortable with these. I wear them in the shower a couple times. I’ve found with the cleats I like to wear them pretty tight.  I get them in a half size smaller then as I break them in they expand and form to your fit just to have that better feel on the ball.”

One of the reasons, Jared tells 365.WorldSoccerShop, is a slight nagging pain in his Achilles heel area as of late.

“The thing I want to do is look for simplicity in the shoe.  You want your Achilles to be comfortable but at the same time have just enough support.  It’s kind of weird and a new thing for me, but just trying to find that cleat that I’m comfortable with and don’t have to worry about having foot problems.”

“If your Achilles and your heel are having some issues it’s hard to be mobile and have a feel for the cleats. I’m not worried about the style and look-I’m just more concerned with the comfort, stability, and support.”

Watts is finding that in his 11Pros, which features Super soft full-grain kangaroo leather, but also SprintFrame with improved stud configuration for traction, quick ground release and directional changes.

The new pivot stud located in the center of the forefoot designed to increase traction while also allowing you to turn quick while on the balls of your feet.  Watts also lists another feature of the outsole which keeps him coming back to the 11Pro.

“The other thing that I didn’t ever pay attention to is the bottom of the cleats-the studs-where they are on your foot,” explains Watts, which may be a reason he’s experienced some of the discomfort to his Achilles recently.  “There’s a couple of cleats that have studs in the middle of your heel which can give me problems, but these are good and symmetrical so pretty comfortable.”

The adidas 11Pro Socccer Cleats are available at World Soccer Shop.