To commemorate Lewandowski and his fearsome performance, Nike Football has created a unique and custom design for their Hypervenom II. Scoring 100 Bundesliga goals quicker than any foreign player to date, Robert Lewandowski has steadily become one of Europe’s most feared strikers. Driven by the mindset of “Semper Invicta” (Always Invincible), a motto of his hometown Warsaw, Lewandowski has continually played with this stealthy mindset

Eye catching with its fears red and black contrast, Nike Football focused its design of Hypervenom II from Lewandowski’s fighting spirit. Their intense graphics allude to the key characteristics that make Lewandowski such a lethal threat in front of goal. These graphics also pay tribute to the players past and fearless mentality when faced with confrontation.

When presented with his custom Hypervenom II cleats, Lewandowski was quoted saying “Every time I step onto the pitch, I know that I have to prove myself. Having these Hypervenom made just for me is a true recognition and inspiration. Fierce, demanding battles await us and it is very special to have these boots full of personal and meaningful symbols to mark this important time of my football life”

Continuing this design and idea of fighting spirit; the eagle, which is a significant element of Polish visual identity, plays a central role in the Hypervenom design. Furthering this; “other symbols on the boots include Lewandowski’s person logo, kit number and judo belt that plays tribute to his father, who was a judo athlete.”