Real Madrid is rumored to be close to signing a 10-year jersey deal worth a world record $153.7 million per season. The deal would pay the La Liga club $1.5 billion over the duration of the contract.

The amount is hard to fathom even in the big spending professional sports environment.  To put it in perspective consider:

  • Real Madrid’s current deal was valued at $44.5 million per year.
  • Manchester United, the current world record holder, is getting $108.7 million per year
  • Real’s deal would be worth more than Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Barcelona’s deals combined

Marca ran a story on the deal with the headline, ‘The Most Expensive Shirt in the World.’

Real’s current contract was not set to expire until 2020 showing how important Los Merengues are to the 3-Stripes.

What do you think of this deal?  Crazy or will it look like sheer genius in a few years?

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