Rapid Vienna fans will get one last chance to visit the team’s old stomping ground, Gerhard Hanappi Stadium, and will be able to pay to take home a souvenir as they do a small part in demolishing the venue.

The cost to take part in the ‘demolition party’ this weekend depends on what piece of history the fan wants to carry home.  The menu of items include a seat for 19.77 Euros ($25.05), representing the year the stadium was built, 18.99 Euros ($24.06), the year the club was founded, for a piece of net or part of a wall, or if a chunk of sod for the field is more to taste it will cost 5 Euros ($6.34).

Rapid Vienna moved to the stadium in May 1977.  It was originally named the Weststadion but renamed to the current name in tribute of Hanappi, who was a player between 1950 and 1965 as well as one of the architects that designed the venue.

The last match at Gerhard Hanappi Stadium was played in early July with an all-day affair.  The even started with the Rap[id U-10 team in action , followed by a match between the 1996 UEFA Cup Finalist vs Rapid All-Star side, and culminating with the current team facing Celtic in a friendly.

The side is currently playing at the Ernst Happel Stadion, the Austrian national stadium, and plan to move into their new Allianz Stadion in 2016.