One of Mexico’s most popular and historic clubs, Club Universidad Nacional, or UNAM Pumas, are following the trends of their home and away jerseys with their new Nike third jersey, unveiled at the start of the Liga MX Clausura 2018.



This new third jersey, like the home and away jerseys, are a tribute to the prestigious American college football program that represents the university, the Golden Cougars, or los Pumas Dorados. Adorned in gold, the jersey has Northwestern stripes on the sleeves, with navy taking the inner stripe, and white the outer two. With a thin navy collar, the inner neck has the interlocking UM logo from their helmets, in navy.



With several sponsors on the sleeves, there are a couple more at the back, with Telcel and Herbalife seen here.



A large Puma head, the common look for UNAM, takes up the front of the jersey, in navy. The Nike swoosh is placed up high on the right breast.



The side stripes are both navy, and run from the sleeves down to the midriff.



The full kit has white shorts with navy side panels, and gold socks with the Pumas head under the swoosh, and sponsor Telcel running up the calves. DHL is the main sponsor at the front of the jersey, in white.



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