PUMA released the 2016 home jerseys for their flagship African nations: Cameroon, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

These three nations are continental powerhouses and will be dangerous opponents as the final stages of qualifying start for next year’s African Cup of Nations.  These nations will be considered contenders, even favorites, to take the crown in Gabon.


The jerseys have a similar design with each given a distinctive look with their national colors applied to the jersey.

Cameroon Launches 2016/17 Home Jersey
Ivory Coast Reveals 2016/17 Home Jersey
Ghana Release 2016/17 Home Jersey

The jerseys each have a traditional fold-down collar at the back and a more modern angular-shaped insert at the front.  Both the collar and matching cuffs on the sleeves have patterns of triangles in contrasting colors.

The sleeves all have a thick shoulder stripe that runs from the collar to the cuffs.

Each jersey features subtle differences with the logo placements on the front.  Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has the national federation badge over the heart on the left chest and the Puma logo on the right chest.  Ghana’s jersey features the national federation badge on the left chest and a Black Star in the center chest and the Puma logo over the right chest.  Cameroon’s jersey features the national federation’s badge on the right chest, the Indomitable Lion head over the heart, and the Puma logo on the center chest.

What do you think about the Puma jerseys for Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Cameroon?  Which one looks the best?