Speed cleats and the players that wear them are the most dangerous on the field.  Puma unveiled the evoSpeed SL earlier today and weighing-in at 103 grams it is the lightest cleat the brand has ever made.

It is so light one of the main players who will wear the cleat, Sergio Agüero, thought he was being punked.

“I am still amazed at how light these boots actually are,’ the Argentina and Manchester City striker joked. “When the box with the boots was delivered to my house a few weeks ago, I thought the box was empty. This boot is a real step forward and PUMA has done a really impressive job creating it.”

“This new boot is a real change to what we have been wearing before, it actually looks and feels like a totally new product,” Marco Reus commented. “They are so light, you can almost not feel them and still they give me exactly that support I need from a boot. This is a whole new direction of boot design.”

The Puma evoSpeed SL will be available at World Soccer Shop