Its been a solid week of soccer, with mid-week premier league matches and Donald Trump admitting he used to play, whether he had skill or not, who knows. Abby Wambach shares with us her own official barbie doll,  with hair just like hers. Oh, and apparently Roberto Martinez was getting down last night at the Jason Derulo concert. Check out our favorite moments of the week and check back for updates in the realms of soccer, fashion and official product launches.

Thank you, Jamie Vardy! For this wonderful strike.


Jamie Vardy scores wondergoal against Liverpool, photo: www.facebook.com/premierleague

The Abby Wambach barbie doll is going into production.

Zlatan. The Magician?


Zlatan ibrahimovic sits on the PSG bench, photo: www.facebook.com/ZlatanIbrahimovic

Here’s proof that Donald Trump played soccer.


Donald Trump (front row, fourth from left) with the New York Military Academy soccer team. Photo: twitter.com/whateirasays/

This Slovenian club signed a player via Linkedin. Nice.

Shout out to Roberto Martinez for these killer dance moves!


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