There’s no denying that international soccer has grown considerably in the U.S. in recent years, resulting in some supporter groups being born in American soil. Soccer365 will showcase some supporter groups from Premier League clubs. Today, the series kicks-off with the NYC Swans.

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

Premier League team: Swansea City AFC.
Supporter Group Name: NYC Swans.
City/State: New York City, NY
Year Founded: 2013
Founded by: Michael Padro, Maxwell Tajerstein, Mario Chicas, Shane Whaely.


Number of Members: 16 official members with tons of visitors from across the country and the pond. We are lucky to be in such a hub of travel and business it’s hard to go a week without getting a message of someone visiting NYC!

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

Group traditions: Just as the fans do in The Liberty Stadium, we start every match singing Hymns and Arias.

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Meet-up locations: We currently meet up at the Football Factory (Legends Bar) next to the Empire State Building.

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

Most memorable moment for your supporter group: In 2014 we had the pleasure of traveling across the states to Milwaukee and Minneapolis to watch the boys give it a go. The team was so humbled by the support they assumed they didn’t have stateside and spent tons of time with us taking pictures, talking and even sharing a pint!

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

This past summer, when Swansea AFC arrived in the States for their US tour, the Stateside Jacks group was born. Stateside Jacks is a group created by Marc Padro, Jon Notman and Zach Frazier to unify all Swansea city fans in the USA! With the help of Philly Jacks and DC Jacks (along with West Coast love) we have created a group of over 300 members nationwide and arranged gatherings for fans at every game this summer.

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

NYC Swans in Social Media:
Twitter: twitter.com/nycswans
Facebook: facebook.com/nycswans
Instagram: instagram.com/nycswans
Stateside Jacks Facebook: facebook.com/StatesideJack
Stateside Jacks Twitter: twitter.com/stateside_jacks

Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: NYC Swans

Additional comments: With the serge of membership growth to the Stateside Jacks, we hope this season will allow us here in NYC to continue to grow. We hope more NY/Metro area residents see and learn to love this club the way we do and stay away from the dark shadow that covers over Cardiff City! We are always happy to talk to anyone interested in our club and meet up for games!

Would you like to join or hang out with the NYC Swans? Be sure to contact them on social media or meet them at the Legends Bar!

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