There’s no denying that international soccer has grown considerably in the U.S. in recent years, resulting in some supporter groups being born in American soil. Soccer365 will showcase some supporter groups from Premier League clubs. Today, we take a look at MUFC Philly.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: MUFC Philly


Premier League team: Manchester United.
Supporter Group Name: MUFC Philly.
City/State: Philadelphia, PA.
Year Founded: 2015.
Founded by: Mike Formento.
Number of Members: We have never charged a membership fee. We have plenty “members” who are Official Manchester United members though. Hundreds of people have joined us over the years and we continue to grow with each game.

Group traditions: Last season we started our annual trip to Old Trafford. We saw United host Liverpool in January. This April we are returning to see United/Arsenal. A handful of us that are going in April also went last year.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: MUFC Philly


Meet-up locations: The Black Sheep Pub – Just off Rittenhouse Square. 247 S 17th Street, Philadelphia PA 19103.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: MUFC Philly


Most memorable moment for your supporter group: Definitely our first trip to Old Trafford as a group. Doing the whole VIP stadium tour together and getting a picture of us on the pitch was surreal.

More locally, I’d say the 2016 FA Cup Final vs Crystal Palace. The whole pub was packed, up until that point definitely the biggest crowd we had ever had. We had people watching from all 3 floors. The atmosphere was great and obviously it was nice to pick up some silverwear! We actually picked up a signed jersey from that team while we were in Manchester and it will now hang in Black Sheep.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: MUFC Philly


MUFC Philly on Social Media:
Twitter: twitter.com/mufcphilly
Facebook: facebook.com/MUFCPhilly


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: MUFC Philly


Additional comments: We are always welcoming in new members, whether you’re a local or just stopping through Philadelphia, we’d love to host you at Black Sheep. We are all about providing a great match day experience in a friendly environment. We hope to see you soon!


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