There’s no denying that international soccer has grown considerably in the U.S. in recent years, resulting in some supporter groups being born in American soil. Soccer365 will showcase some supporter groups from Premier League clubs. Today, we take a look at Brew City Gunners.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: Brew City Gunners


Premier League team: Arsenal FC.
Supporter Group Name: Brew City Gunners.
City/State: Milwaukee, WI.
Year Founded: 2013.
Founded by: Jordan Aberman & Matt Sommer.
Number of Members: 200+ on our Facebook group; anywhere from 15-50 or more, depending on the importance of the match and how early it is (midweek and 6:00 AM kickoffs can be a bit rough!).

Group traditions: We are fairly informal, but attempt to create a supportive atmosphere where ALL Arsenal fans feel welcomed. We encourage members to be familiar with team/player songs. We also believe that support should be an overall POSITIVE experience for all – it’s fine to be critical of the team and players when and if it’s appropriate, but we do not support abuse or over-the-top negativity.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: Brew City Gunners


Meet-up locations: The Highbury Pub 2322 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: Brew City Gunners


Most memorable moment for your supporter group: There have been many memorable moments for us, but the 2013-2014 FA CUP final ranks up there with the most amazing – we hosted the live broadcast team from SiriusXM FC and saw 150-200 supporters come together to watch The Arsenal end their nine year trophy drought.


Premier League USA Supporter Groups Series: Brew City Gunners


Other moments that stick out were the mid-week victory against Manchester United in the 2015 FA Cup run, the entire pub exploding with joy at Danny Welbeck’s last-minute winner against Leicester City in 2016. Every match is a chance to celebrate, commiserate, and speculate with fellow Gooners.


Brew City Gunners on Social Media:
Twitter: twitter.com/brewcitygunners
Facebook Page: facebook.com/brewcitygunners
Facebook Group (must ask to join): facebook.com/groups/brewcitygunners


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