Nike and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal have revealed their new away kit for 2015/16, a stylish look that reflects the team’s fast paced style of football.


portugal away 2015 soccer jersey

The Away kit returns in an all black design, featuring a unique horizontal band that streams the national team’s colors across the chest. Flashes of green and red draw inspiration from the Portuguese flag and give a paintbrush-like effect on the predominately black jersey.


soccer jersey portugal 2015 away
The two colors fly in from different directions, the red from the right and the green from the left.

portugal 2015/16 away jersey

portugal away 2015 jersey
The V-neck color is black with a red ribbed band formed around the collar. Inside the back of the neck rests the Portuguese shield, representing over 500 years of ancient history.

portugal 2015 away soccer jersey

The Portugal 2015/16 away jersey is available soon at World Soccer Shop.