By Brian Jennings – Austrian Thomas Piermayr came to the Colorado Rapids as a trialist in 2014 but has proceeded to feature prominently in Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni’s plans.  First as a starter out wide in the defensive back line that was missing players early on this season he also serves as valuable depth in that unit.

Piermayr is happy to be contributing to a new-look Rapids team where he is also the lone MLS player plying his trade in Asics boots this season.  In a league dominated by German and Oregon-based boot manufacturers, Piermayr has found his fit in a company that is well known in running circles but not quite in the soccer world.

“I think in MLS I’m the only one,” says Piermayr, a veteran of top-division teams in Austria, Scotland, and Norway.  “For me, they fit good, they’re comfortable.  I like leather boots and that’s why I play with Asics. It’s a Kangaroo leather.”

Asics DS Light X-Fly K

His model of choice is the Asics DS Lite X-Fly K, which denotes the soft kangaroo leather that played a part in his choosing them.  As for what he’s looked for in boots, Piermayr says comfort is number one in his book.  “I played with Adidas but they started to produce the synthetic leather in the Predator, not the real leather.”

“When I came over (to MLS) my agent has connections to Asics so I (switched) right away.  My first question was ‘are these leather boots?’ and after the first training I said yes.”  Thomas explains he also likes the combination of protection and feel for the ball.  The Asics have an X-Fly polymer plate reducing weight while extending around the heel for protection.

Piermayr explains his system for getting boots ready out of the box takes a bit longer than it does to just lace them up and go.  “I like them really tight so I order them a size smaller.  I wear the stretchers-hot water and stretchers.  I don’t wear them ‘right now’.  It’s always 10 minutes-next day 10 minutes-then after a few trainings I’ll wear them in a match.”

As far as the popular bright colors and patterns that can look like an art project, Piermayr keeps his taste simple and doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd in his own way.  “I like black and white, not colors, so it’s just black or white. I just switch them. It’s not what everyone wears so it’s different and they fit me which is why I play in them.”

While he can extend the life of a pair be alternating, the Rapids defender says he does try to keep a pair ready for all occasions.  “I always have 2-3 pairs which I use for training and the match cleats just for matches.”  Because of the softer leather, Piermayr needs to go back and forth to keep a pair in good shape.  “I would say every 2 months I need a new one because I switch.  If you wear these for probably 3-4 weeks they are gone with the leather.”

He just hopes Asics keeps producing his now favorite model since he’s an official contracted athlete.  “That’s always the thing with cleats contract if you have a model you like what if they stop producing it. Then you have to try the new one or switch to another so I hope they stick with these.  They always have-Asics-they are known for easy leather boots so hopefully it won’t be a problem.”

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