Peru has one of the most iconic soccer jerseys in soccer. It has been called ‘the beautiful game’s most beautiful shirt’ and lives up to those words with its simple yet distinctive design.

‘La Blanquirroja (The White and Red)’ are playing in their 5th FIFA World Cup this summer but first since Spain 1982. They were invited to the inaugural World Cup in 1930 and qualified for the tournament in Mexico 1970, Argentina 1978, and Spain 1982.

The 36 year absence from the FIFA World Cup mean that many fans are not familiar with the Peru soccer jersey but will most likely be quickly won over. It is more than just a jersey.

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“The national team’s jersey has been part of Peru’s identity so much so that many think it’s a national symbol,” historian Vidal Otálora said of the look.


Peru 2018 World Cup Home Jersey Unveiled


The Peru 2018 World Cup jersey stays true to tradition with white jersey and red sash running from the left chest to the right hip forming a sash. The jersey made by Umbro features gold piping on each side of the sash as well as gold detailing on the shoulder. The white crew collar as a red insert at the front.

The red sash forms the background for the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) crest.

Peru was the last team to qualify for Russia 2018 defeating New Zealand in an intercontinental playoff and were drawn in Group C along with France, Australia, and Denmark. Those 3 teams will hope history repeats itself. Peru has played the eventual champion in each of their 4 FIFA World Cup appearances.


Peru’s classic white jersey with red sash design was introduced in 1936 so the team did not wear it at the inaugural 1930 World Cup. The team wore a white long-sleeve jersey with a red lace-up collar in Uruguay. The full kit was completed with white shorts and red socks.

40 years past before Peru advanced to their next World Cup finals and the timing could not have been better. The 1970 FIFA World Cup was the first tournament to be televised in color around the globe and the new medium made the jersey a star.


Peru World Cup Jersey - Mexico 1970


The Peru 1970 World Cup jersey was more rustic or retro than today’s version. The white jersey featured a white polo collar and the red sash broke across the collar before running down to the right hip. The red sash continues on the back of the jersey.

The FPF crest sits below the sash.

NPR’s Christopher Turpin wrote of the jersey, ‘The shirt featured a red diagonal stripe on a plain white shirt, a collar that was retro even in 1970…To this day, I still think it’s the beautiful game’s most beautiful shirt.’


Peru's Away Jersey at the 1970 FIFA World Cup


Peru also wore a red jersey with white crew collar and white sleeve cuffs in Mexico 1970.


Peru 1978 World Cup Soccer Jersey


The classic design (white jersey with red sash on front and back) was used for the 1978 World Cup but with some slight modifications from their sponsor adidas. The red sash was shifted to the left so ran from the shoulder/left sleeve to the right hip. The FPF crest was partially on the sash. The jersey was topped off with a v-neck fold down collar.

The adidas trefoil logo was placed on the right chest and the 3-stripes ran down the sleeve.

“The stark slash slicing through the shirt was a simple yet strikingly effective piece of design,” ESPN writer Roger Bennett said of the jersey.

Penalty took over from adidas as the jersey sponsor for the 1982 World Cup jersey. The Brazilian company did nothing to change the overall look only making some minor changes to the jersey. For the first time, the red sash served as the background for the entire FPF crest, a wider fold down collar was used with the v-neck front, and the sleeves were a solid white.