This season has seen adidas launch an astonishing amount of new boots and colourways. In order to help you sift through the plethora of new releases, we have compiled a guide of adidas’ hits and misses so far.
The Hits

adidas Revenge Pack
Predators fans had dreamt of this happening for years, and this season it finally did as adidas released the incredible Revenge Pack. Launched in celebration of 20 years, the pack featured three seriously limited edition, classic Predator remakes in the iconic red/black/white color scheme. Remade were the original Predator ‘94, the Predator Accelerator (made famous in the 1998 World Cup) and the Predator Mania (seen in the 2002 World Cup). Adidas also made a fourth boot, dubbed the Predator Instinct Tongue, which was exactly what it sounds like – a classic Predator fold-over tongue slapped onto the Instinct. Bliss for fans old and new alike.

F50 adiZero Messi Blaugrana
adidas have released an astonishing seven bespoke boots for Lionel Messi this season, the best of which was the beautiful Blaugrana colorway that he has been wearing in the Champions League. The adiZero Messi Blaugrana features a four color split design that borrows some elements from the solar gold/black colorway that Leo has worn domestically.

adidas 11Pro Crazylight
The adidas Crazylight pack got a lot of stick when it was released because of its wacky designs. However, a month on and the 11Pro Crazylight is a colorway that we have come to love more so than any of the others. Featuring a bold animal-inspired red orange design, the 11Pro Crazylight is made even better by the fact that it features a part k-leather upper.

adidas Black and White Collection
The season started with a palate cleanser of the highest order in the form of the Black and White Collection released back in August. Another one for the purists, the collection featured black and white colorways of the Predator Instinct, F50 adiZero and Copa Mundial. Not much to say about the boots themselves (isn’t that the beauty of a black and white pack though?) apart from that they, the Copa’s especially, all ooze with class.

adidas 11Pro III
adidas revamped the faltering adiPure line with the incredible 11Pro III. With an ever shrinking line up of players wearing the boot adidas realized that they needed to reinvigorate the once hugely popular line. They have done so in incredible fashion, going back to the drawing board and coming up with a design that the original adiPures would be proud of. Featuring the return of k-leather, and a traditional design complemented by a well placed orange line running down the middle. If this doesn’t revive the 11Pro then nothing will.

The Misses

Adidas Predator Raw Instinct
Released as a US exclusive colorway, adidas obviously did not put much thought into the Predator Raw Instinct. A white/red/black boot that features the ‘Battle Pack’ design made popular during the World Cup, this colorway left very little to get excited about. Yes, it may be no-frills, but at the same time its just boring.

adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Crazylight
While some of the Crazylight pack looked great (see above), some just looked straight up strange. Unfortunately, adidas missed the mark with the Nitrocharge 1.0 Crazylight, and not only because of its seriously strange, aquatic design. A large chunk of the reason why this boot is a miss in our books is because despite being labelled as ‘Crazylight’, adidas only shaved a mere 10 grams when compared to the standard issue. It’s okay if you can not legitimately shave off a ton of weight, but don’t call something ‘Crazylight’, when it is actually kind-of-not-really-light.