Javier Mascherano in trouble? weird weddings, Jordan Morris’ destiny and more. These were some of the top soccer histories of this week!

Javier Mascherano handed one-year prison sentence, but don’t worry Barça fans

FC Barcelona and Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano was accused a few months ago by the Spanish Tax Office of not paying all the taxes he should. According to the office, Mascherano concealed part of his image rights earnings during 2011 and 2012 and failed to pay around 1.5 million euros (1.6 million dollars). The Argentinian player has clarified on a letter posted on Twitter that he hired a “prestigious Spanish Tax firm” to handle his tax duties. However, the firm made various mistakes that put him on this situation with the authorities.

He reached an agreement with the prosecutors and attended trial on Thursday. Mascherano was fined with 800.000 euros, prevented from receiving any tax benefits and handed a one-year prison sentence. Of course no one is really expecting him to pay the prison sentence, as it will probably be replaced by another fine.

Would you get married in full soccer kit? this guy did


Arsenal fan getting married in full kit, photo vía http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/

We love soccer and there’s no doubt of that, but getting married in a full kit? that’s a new whole level of love (or obsession). An Arsenal fan somehow managed to convince his fiancée to let him don his Gunner garment as the sworn to live their lives together forever.

“My wife is from Woking, and she is awesome. She let me get married in my full Arsenal kit!” said Barry Jenkins, who went viral on Internet. “Maybe I just got lucky.” Well, love is love and no one can judge them if they’re happy, but it would have been definitely better if had used the current home kit instead of one from 2010/2011!

Usain Bolt would love to play for Man Utd… just if Van Gaal isn’t there


Usain Bolt with Ryan Giggs (current AT for Van Gaal) back in 2012, photo vía http://usainbolt.com/

The whole world knows that Usain Bolt is a big Manchester United fan. The Jamaican sprinter, widely regarded as the fastest man alive, has been seen in numerous occasions at Old Trafford cheering for the Red Devils. He was even celebrated in an event in 2012, when the club congratulated him for his achievements during the Summer Olympics in London.

However, the team isn’t currently going through the golden times they enjoyed under Sir Alex Ferguson’s command and fans are not happy with current manager Louis Van Gaal, including Bolt. “Well, looking at how Van Gaal is, I don’t think I would ever want to be coached by him, so I think I will put that on pause until we get a new coach,” said Bolt during a recent interview when asked once again about his well-known dream of playing for Manchester United.

Jordan Morris: from Seattle to Germany to Seattle


“It’s good to be home! #seattlelove “, vía https://twitter.com/JmoSmooth13

Jordan Morris is one of the most promising US players following his breakout in 2015, and it was just matter of time to see him signing his first professional contract with a club. It was no surprise when he was invited by German side Werder Bremen to join their winter training camp and the club president even claimed that he was confident a deal between the two parts would be completed soon. Unfortunately for him, Morris had other plans in mind.

The young player decided to reject Werder Bremen’s offer and return to the US and pursue an MLS career. It was recently announced that he would join none other than the Seattle Sounders. Bremen president said he respected Morris decision, and announced that the club would keep a close eye on the player’s development in the MLS.

MLS average on par with AC Milan


AC Milan fans at San Siro, photo vía www.facebook.com/ACMilan/

AC Milan is one of the most historic clubs in the world, and even held the honor of being the team with most official titles in the world (now that title belongs to Al Ahly). Their recent years have not been good, though, the club has suffered from economical issues and that has been reflected on the field, where they have missed European qualification during two consecutive seasons.

Their attendances have also been affected, with their latest home game at San Siro just drawing 28,374 fans, not even half of the stadium’s 80,000-seat capacity. That’s not too far from the MLS 21,574 average attendance during 2015 (the highest in the league’s history) and is lower than Seattle Sounders’ 44,247 record.

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