The early fall is a great time of year for soccer fans. The European domestic leagues are hitting full stride and the major brands are seemingly continuously rolling out new products.  The brands do their best to keep a tight lid on these releases but over eager players, who receive their pair before official launches, are sometimes guilty of spilling the beans.

Chelsea’s Under-21 star Charly Musonda is the latest culprit.  The 17-year-old, who has been compared to Eden Hazard, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and others, was relaxing in the training room in what appears to be the new Nike Gold Vapor colorway.  This is rumored to be ready for a mid-October release.

The gold upper of the cleat is paired with white details for the Nike swoosh and a silver tongue with a white outsole.

And a quick review of some of the youngster’s early posts reveals another leaked image.  The player posted a picture of himself relaxing in white high back chair holding up what we believe is the new Nike Green Speed 3.

The Green Speed limited edition series is one of the lightest and fastest cleats that is environmentally friendly to boot.  The GS3 that Musonda is showing off continues the tradition of a stand-out look with the vibrant blue and black combination.  The general design from the picture looks very similar leading us to believe only minor tweaks have been made from the earlier GS2 release.

What cool cleats have you spotted on player’s social media pages?  Seen any yet to be released or rare cleats?