The next generation of official Nike national team and club jerseys will be the best ever with the brand unveiling the new Nike Vapor with Aeroswift technology at the Innovations Lab in New York City.

The new yarn used to make team kits is 10% lighter with 50% more stretch and wicks sweat away 20% faster while drying 25% faster.  The textured yarn has a brushed quality that makes it feel better on the skin and fuller so each jersey requires less without transparency.

“This is the Nike Vapor with Aeroswift technology,” Scott Munson, Nike’s VP of Apparel for Global Football told World Soccer Shop at the Nike Innovation 2016 event.  “These are the fastest kits we have ever made so they are lighter, faster drying, and have way more stretch than any uniform we have ever produced.  The hallmark of the technology is really 2 things.”

“One is the yarn.  So we are using a texturized yarn which is new for (Nike) that texturized yarn allows moisture to move better away from the body and it allows us to use less yarn so the uniform is lighter weight.”

“The second thing is this new engineered knit.  It is a new knitting technique that allows us to create more open holes with increases breathability. In the end you get a garment that stands off the body a little bit and promotes air flow.”

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The Nike Vapor kits with Aeroswift took inspiration from the hugely successful Nike Flyknit and the production process to apply to apparel.

The final product allows for single and double knitting; single knit where breathability is the goal and double knit where structure is needed.  The process also ventilation holes to be knitted into the final jersey so ‘laser cut’ holes as on most official Nike jerseys are no longer required.

“This new method makes it possible for us to build breathability right into the garment without compromising its structure or burning through it.”

Nike Vapor with Aeroswift technology

One of the biggest advance, however, come with the team shorts.  The shorts will be made from the same material as the jersey for the first time and with the flat-finish waistband a drawstring is not necessary.

“Of all the positive player feedback we have received,” Martin Lotti, Nike’s Creative Director, said at the event.  “They were most excited about the short. It is drastically more comfortable than anything they have previously experienced….Once you experience the new waistband.  It immediately seems antiquated to have ever tied a string around your waist to keep you shorts up.”

The finished kit is designed to provide the ‘right fit, not a tight fit’ but will also include flourishes for the individual clubs and national teams.  England for example will have ‘Three’ and ‘Lions’ knitted inside the sleeves tying the full kit back to the team crest.

Nike Vapors kits with Aeroswift will debut with the national team kits of the U.S., England, Brazil, France, and Portugal.

Will the Nike Vapor with Aeroswift technology and ability to have jersey and shorts made from the same material be a reason for you to buy a full kit?  What do you think about the new yarn?