After transforming the boot of the 11-a-side game, Nike have switched focus to the smaller-sided game by releasing its most advanced Elastico yet, the Elastico Superfly.
With first the Magista Obra and then the Mercurial Superfly, Nike have arguably begun changing the way we view football boots, thanks to exciting new innovations such as the Dynamic Fit Collar and FlyKnit.
While up until now the benefits of these innovations were reserved only for those playing in the 11-a-side game, Nike have recognized the popularity of the small-sided game and have decided to bring these exciting new additions over.
This cross-over has come in the form of the Elastico Superfly, a boot that brings all of the innovation and technological benefits of the Mercurial Superfly to the court, turf or street.
The upper of the Elastico Superfly is nearly identical to that seen on the Mercurial. The combination of FlyKnit and NikeSkin come together to create an upper that is both durable but responsive, offering a near-barefoot like feel. In fact, Nike added an extra layer of Nike Skin in certain areas to account for the increased abrasion that comes with smaller-sided games.
As the additional layer of Nike Skin is justification of, the different nature of the small-sided game means there are a few features unique to the Elastico Superfly. Notably this latest Elastico has a distinctly low profile, placing the foot much closer to the ground than small-sided footwear previously has. Not only does Nike claim that this improves traction and speed, but it allows for greater manipulation of the ball — making for even better tekkers than before.
Another important area, the outsole, is flexible while also being grippy, allowing for quicker changes of direction. On the Elastico Superfly IC, Nike have used a traction pattern designed especially for harder surfaces such as concrete, while the pattern on the Superfly TF is geared towards turf and artificial grass.
The Elastico Superfly range will be available for pre-order from today at WorldSoccerShop, with the official release being on October 9th.