Nike has launched their latest new boots with the PhantomVSN. The newest addition to the Nike Soccer family has been constructed to assist a new breed of creative controlling players, featuring three layers of construction and the addition of Quadfit for Nike’s most advanced control boots to date.



The PhantomVSN silo takes over the Magista silo, and has been reconstructed with innovation in mind. The boots have three distinct colorways: black, the “Raised on Concrete” multiple shades of gray with bright red, and a crimson and gray, with the initial black to be released first. On the surface, the boots appear laceless, but there are more details within the layers.



The PhantomVSN’s first layer, the Quadfit mesh, is an internal sock surface that has debuted with the PhantomVSN and will be seen in Nike footwear outside of soccer in the future. These special fabrics will contour and conform to the players’ feet, retaining shape and not overstretching, but offers plenty of comfort.



Along with the Quadfit is another new addition with the Ghostlace system, hidden within the thin Flyknit upper and has shorter laces, and offers a more secure fit.



The mesh Flyknit material has been updated for the PhantomVSN, with a more detailed and textured upper that covers the boot, for increased control of the ball.



Another unique texture is this surface in the medial triangle with a three-sized shape that adds extra grip on the ball when controlling, dribbling or shooting.



The boots also boast Nike’s ACC – All Conditions Control, adding an extra texture yet retaining control in wet conditions.



The soleplate is soft, flexible and lightweight and offers a new bladed traction stud pattern that is meant more for quick turns.