The players at the 2014 World Cup will have more than just the opposition to battle.  The elements will no doubt come into play, especially for the non-South American sides, and Nike has taken this into account while developing their national team kits.

The Nike kits include 4 key cooling elements.  The primary feature is the Nike Dri-Fit fabric which is enhanced by the dual-knit construction.  The high-performance, microfiber polyester material helps pull sweat away from the body to the outer layers of the jersey which speeds up evaporation and keeps the body cool and comfortable.

neymar and ronaldo
The kits include visible zones of burn-out mesh at the back of the kits and the Nike Pro baselayer at key heat zones that also reduces the overall weight of the jersey.  Nike Pro baselayer is 16% lighter than previous materials.

Laser-cut ventilation holes under the arms and other key areas helps keep players cool.

But what does this mean for this summer?

World cup stadium temperatures
The temperatures are regular between 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit in Brazil during the summer.  And the schedule has most of the games during the heat of the day in mid-day and early afternoon.