The Nike Magista is making headlines around the world with its revolutionary Flyknit technology, mid-top Dynamic Fit Collar, and Pebax-and-Nylon sole with conical studs and Soccer365’s was on hand to witness the launch and test out the cleats.

Nike held an event at La Masia, Barcelona’s academy/training ground on Friday allowing some non-professional players (most people from the media) to take the cleat for a test drive.

The test period was short and sweet and unfortunately we were not able to keep the cleat for further testing.

But first impression is that these cleats pull on like no other and provide a new experience on the field and ball.  Like any new product, it probably will take some getting used to but the initial concerns that this cleat would not stand up to the rigors of the game were dismissed.

iniesta_MagistaTalkAndres Iniesta was on hand this week during the reveal and took a moment to give his insights into the new Magista cleat.  The Barcelona and Spain playmaker has been a key figure in developing and testing the cleat.  He has had the chance to pull them on for ‘several months’ and give feedback to the developers at Nike.

“This is such a new boot that molds perfectly with your foot, the sock makes it that much more comfortable,” Iniesta said in a press event on Thursday. “The main difference with this boot versus boots from the past is that this literally fits like a glove.”

“That innovation specifically has been extremely positive for me. In fact they say it is a boot designed for creative players, those who play and make plays happen.”

In addition to the comfort, Iniesta noted that it provides good touch on the ball and performs well while ‘driving’ or ‘passing’ the ball.  In the end he said ‘you get what you’re looking for’ with the Magista cleat.

McCartney_onstageAnd while Iniesta was the only player on hand to talk first-hand about the product Phil McCartney, NIKE’s global VP of sport performance, was on hand to relay some of the comments from other players during the testing process.

“We were with Christian Eriksen (who currently plays with Tottenham) when he was with Ajax and he said it was like second-skin, which for us was the objective from the beginning.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo, who we work with a lot, slipped it on and said ‘It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Just leave it as it is.’”

“Then we heard from Kevin-Prince Boateng who said ‘That boot is why I signed for Nike.’”

He then briefly explained the development process starting with transitioning the Flyknit technology from other sports, most notably running with no contact, to soccer and the challenges that provided saying the process included ‘a lot of trial and error.’

McCartney_withMagista“What we found when we started with a Flyknit boot was the sensation of touch on the ball was incredible, but we didn’t have the NIKESKIN involved at that point so there was definitely a question of protection and weatherization.”

The NikeSkin is huge because it allows the ACC (All Conditions Control) to be added.

And the original prototype did not include the Dynamic Fit Collar which was added to make the cleat more an extension of the player.

“The other thing we didn’t have was the Dynamic Fit Collar, so players said “It fits really well, and I really feel the ball, but it’s still more of a conventional boot. It’s still not that extension of my body.” That’s why we added the Dynamic Fit collar and then ultimately the NIKESKIN. Those two elements were based heavily on player feedback.”

And the conical studs are part of the overall design of this as a cleat designed with the playmaker ‘who rely on rotational agility, conical studs providing the most benefit.’

What do you think of the new Nike Magista?  Are you eager to be one of the first to wear this revolutionary cleat?

For now this is all you can get of the Magista.  The cleat is scheduled for pre-order at the World Soccer Shop (and other global retailers) on April 29 and ready for purchase (and delivery on pre-orders) on May 22.  Get in the Game.