Neymar Jr. and Nike have released the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond, a bespoke boot created for the Brazilian superstar, marking his eight years with the brand.
After launching the original Hypervenom in Rio de Janiero in 2013 and then being given a gold edition of the Hypervenom during the World Cup, Neymar has fast become the silo’s leading man. Now in recognition of Neymar’s affinity for diamonds, Nike has created this unique colourway for the Barca man.
Neymar’s attraction to diamonds not only stems from his playing style but also from his close relationship with his sister, as symbolised by a diamond tattoo on each of their arms. Nike’s design team took both into account while creating the boot.
“We take inspiration from Neymar Jr.’s play and personality,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “He attacks the defense with a style so fluid, it reminded us of water flowing between rocks. That’s when we started shifting our thoughts from incorporating a nod to diamonds, to creating a liquid diamond aesthetic for the entire upper.”
The Hypervenom’s NikeSkin upper provided the perfect canvas for creating a diamond-inspired boot, with the bumps enhancing the dimension of the colour. After experimenting with a variety of different shades, the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond began to emerge, with colorful accents as a nod to Neymar’s personality.
Speaking about the boot Neymar said: “I think they will stand out because of that bright and energetic feeling you get from these boots. I think they have captured my bold and cheerful nature.”

The Nike Hypervenom will be available at WorldSoccerShop.com