Nike’s Free Train Versatility is one of the top cross trainer shoes on the market and the Swoosh has decked the silo out in national team colors for the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina just in time for this summer’s Copa America Centenario.

Nike Free Train Versatility USA

Nike Free Train Versatility BrazilThe USA and Brazil colorways are 100% behind their national teams with the US Soccer Federation and Brazilian Football Confederation badges on the tongue of the shoes, respectively.  This makes sense as the Swoosh is the official technical partner of both countries and provide their official team gear.

Nike Free Train Versatility USA

Nike Free Train Versatility USA outsoleThe new US Soccer Federation badge works perfectly with the placement.  The navy blue, red, and white combination is used on the warp knit upper and the outsole to create a striking look and one that will show your passion for the Stars and Stripes.

Nike Free Train Versatility Brazil outsoleThe Brazil badge with its 5-stars looks good anywhere and is the standout for this Free Train Versatility edition.  The upper is royal blue with ‘varsity maize’ detailing and does not embrace the national team colors as well as the USA.  The white outsole is all about El Selecao with the canary yellow and green detailing a reference to the national team’s home jersey and the national flag.

Nike Free Train Versatility Mexico

Nike Free Train Versatility Mexico OutsoleNike Free Train Versatility ArgentinaThe Mexico and Argentina editions of the silo both focus on the national team’s distinct colors.  The national team federation logos are replaced with ‘Nike’ with the Mexico in the green, red, white, and black (on the outsole) and the Argentina showcasing the sky blue, yellow, and white.