Nike have brought the innovation and technological benefits of the Mercurial Superfly to the small-sided court with the release of the Elastico Superfly IC.


The Elastico Superfly IC is Nike’s acknowledgment that today’s footballers don’t play only on grass and are also looking for innovative footwear to wear on hard courts. In an attempt to create a seriously top of the line small-sided boot, Nike have taken the Mercurial Superfly and adapted it based on some key differences suggested by top street footballers.

The resulting boot has an upper that is almost identical to that of the Mercurial Superfly, even featuring the much-talked about Dynamic Fit Collar. The most notable difference is an extra layer of NikeSkin that has been added to account for the extra durability required for small-sided boots. Nike have also made the boot distinctly low-profile, improving traction and speed and allowing player to manipulate the ball.
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Along with a lower profile boot, Nike have used a new rubber compound to create an outsole that also has an updated traction pattern. Both of these components come together to add to the great feel provided by the boot. This is because the flexibility and shorted distance between the foot and the ground helps create a barefoot-esque feeling while wearing the boot.

Speaking about the new boot Nike Football’s Design Director, Denis Dekovic said: ““We wanted to bring the Elastico out just before our teams head to Brasil. It really is the home of street football so this is, in some way, a little ode to the quality that the country has brought to this style of playing the game.”

The Elastico Superfly IC will be available June 10th at WorldSoccerShop.com!