Nike have had a self-proclaimed “unprecedented year of innovation” with the release of four new ground breaking boots, including the jewel in its crown: the Nike Magista Obra. Now to top it all off, Nike have unveiled its exciting new summer collection that features all four colourways set to be showcased in Brasil.


Denis Dokovic, Nike Football’s Design director, compared 2014 to 1998 — the year that Nike created the truly iconic Mercurial R9 — and in a way we can understand the comparison. Since May of last year Nike have released four totally new boots, one of which in particular looks set to change the way we view football boots.


The Magista Obra was unveiled in March 2014 and redefined how football boots look and perform. Not only did it have a knitted upper but it also featured Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar, extending the boot up above the ankle. Despite the fact the Magista was released back in March we have only just started to see it on pitches in the last couple of weeks as Nike were understandably saving the boot for the end of the season and of course the World Cup.



Before the Magista, and what seems like an age, Nike released the Hypervenom. The boot that replaced the Laser series and marked a move away from dedicated focus on power. Instead the Hypervenom shifted focus to agility, and featured a now distinctive dimpled upper to aid control.




Nike’s Tiempo also got an upgrade ‘back’ in 2013 with the release of the Tiempo V, giving a modern twist to a heritage boot. The Tiempo V was a melding of the Tiempo legacy with the needs of the modern game, resulting in a lighter, better fitting boot that still catered to the traditionalists.


Nike_SUmmer_10 Nike_Summer_123

Finally Nike unveiled the much-anticipated Mercurial Superfly. The product of four years of research and development the Superfly combined the Flyknit and Dynamic Fit Collar seen on the Magista with the traditional focus of speed and traction to create a boot to match the modern game.

The Summer collection features the release colourways for both the Magista Obra and the Mercurial Superfly. To complement the Magista, Nike have give the Tiempo V the same yellow and gold makeover, differentiating both boots from the attack0oriented Superfly and Hypervenom, both of which come in red and gold.

The Magista is available now at WorldSoccerShop.com, while the Hypervenom, Tiempo and Mercurial are currently only available for pre-order.