When the Nike Magista was released in March, one of its biggest features was the unique mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar. Touted as a feature that would make the “foot, ankle and lower leg work as a single unit” it was a big part of first the Magista’s, and then the Mercurial Superfly’s, claim to be a boot that was an extension of the player’s body.
Fast forward seven months to today however, and it seems that the Dynamic Fit Collar has been a bit of a flunk, with many players opting against it. This was the case with Southampton’s Graziano Pelle, who we highlighted in last week’s boot spotting. While the Italian scored an insane goal over the weekend, it was the rudimentary customization on his boots that caught our attention.
Valencia CF v Malaga CF - La Liga
Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo (we will get to him later), who had Nike alter the Dynamic Fit Collar for him, Pelle was the second player we had seen in as many weeks who had simply cut it off all together. Abel Hernandez, Alexandre Pato and Nicolas Otamendi have all tried some DIY on their new Nike cleats.
Even if many other players opted against the Dynamic Fit Collar, Nike would have been hoping that at least its biggest player would stick with it — he didn’t. Cristiano Ronaldo caused a minor kerfuffle when he showed up for the first game of the World Cup and the debut of the Mercurial Superfly wearing a modified, lower collar than the mid-length ‘normal’ one. Nike had stuck Ronaldo into the normal, non-modified, Mercurial Superfly at the boots official unveiling in April, making his rejection of the collar all the more embarrassing for the brand.
It is worth noting that this is not purely a Nike problem. More or less to steal Nike’s thunder, soon before the launch of the Magista adidas released the concept Primeknit FS, a boot with a sock attached to it. While nobody has really worn the Primeknit FS, thanks to the unpopularity of the smaller Dynamic Fit Collar on Nike’s boots, adidas will probably be also going back to the drawing board and rethinking combining sock and boot. Maybe the football world just isn’t ready for it yet?