The NFL 2017/18 season will kick-off this weekend and to get ready for the openers Soccer365 decided to team up with La Casaca to give our take on what some of the most popular team’s colors would look like on a soccer jersey. Of course, Nike would be the kit supplier for all of them, just like the National Football League.


New England Patriots


Concept: NFL Soccer Jerseys


We felt it would be appropriate to start with the defending champions, the New England Patriots. The jersey color features their classic navy blue with red and grey highlights. The number included on the kit is of course, the man himself, Tom Brady. This kit has features similar to the MLS squad in the area, the New England Revolution, who share the same stadium and owner, Robert Kraft.


Dallas Cowboys


Concept: NFL Soccer Jerseys


Next, we move to one of the most popular teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. This kit features a white top and gray shorts along with the classic Cowboy navy blue highlights. Like the Cowboys NFL uniforms, this kit takes on the less is more perspective giving it a very simplistic, but clean look. The number highlighted on this kit is that of wide receiver Dez Bryant. Standing at 6’2’, Bryant would likely be a terror in the box for defenses on free kicks.


Green Bay Packers


Concept: NFL Soccer Jerseys


Next, we move on to the Green Bay Packers. With one of the most eye catching color schemes, this kit features an apparent dark green jersey with gold and white highlights. This kit draws similarities to the kits of both Norwich City FC and also the South Africa national team. The number highlighted on this jersey is that of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.


Carolina Panthers


Concept: NFL Soccer Jerseys


Next, we take a look at one of the younger franchises, the Carolina Panthers. This kit features the bold panther blue with grey and black highlights. At first glance, this jersey draws similarities to the 2015/16 Barcelona third kit. The number highlighted on this kit is that of rookie Christian McCaffery, whose agility and quickness would wreak havoc on any midfield or defense, also similar to a Barcelona great, Lionel Messi.


Seattle Seahawks


Concept: NFL Soccer Jerseys


Lastly, we finish off our Soccer365 NFL Soccer Kit Concept with the Seattle Seahawks. The kit features a clean college navy with green and grey highlights. Similar to the Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks also share a stadium and owner with their local MLS team, the Seattle Sounders. The number highlighted on this kit is that of quarterback Russell Wilson, who’s stature and speed draws the likes of Sounders forward Jordan Morris.

Would you buy a soccer jersey of your favorite NFL team (or college football team)? Which jersey did you like the most? Which other NFL teams would you like us to feature? Leave your comments below.