Mizuno have unveiled their latest push for the upcoming World Cup, releasing its new technology-packed speed boot the Basara.
While a weight of 175 grams means that the Basara is not the lightest boot on the market, Mizuno have packed the boot full of exciting new technologies that they say will help speed and agility. Set to be worn by Shinji Okazaki during the World Cup, the Basara features the same synthetic micro-fiber upper that was used on the Wave Ignitus II. For those who love a leather upper, Mizuno are also offering a half k-leather, half-synthetic option, with the leather only at the forefoot.

Mizuno Basara 1 (2)

Mizuno Basara 002 Blue-White

Mizuno call the synthetic upper Prime Skin and, as the name suggests, it is meant to offer a sec-ond skin-like feel that is just as responsive in wet as it is in dry conditions. Initially the Basara will be available in two colourways, the first a yellow/black and the second (which will only be available in July) a blue/white.

Mizuno Basara 1

Arguably the most innovative part of this new boot is a completely new soleplate. First and fore-most is a new stud configuration with only two studs at the heel allows for fast directional changes with minimal energy loss. At around about the location of the instep on the soleplate is the “D-Flex groove”. Because of the flexibility it brings it allows for a more responsive boot on the whole.

The insole of the Basara feature’s Mizuno’s ZeroGlide technology. As with the ethos of the rest of the boot, ZeroGlide technology ensures your foot is locked into the boot and does not slide around.

Mizuno Basara 2

All things considered, the Basara looks to be another well thought, stellar release from Mizuno. While we doubt it will make a huge dent in the dominance of the adiZero and Vapor in the already competitive speed boot market, it is nonetheless an impressive, sleek looking, addition.

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