The Japan Football Association (JFA) have unveiled a new national team crest as the men’s team, Samurai Blue, prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The new logo is the centerpiece of the federation-wide brand refresh streamlined across their organizations, services and domestic competitions.

Japan’s new national team crest has several visual differences from their previous one, with a more basic shield shape than the previous. The main feature of Japan’s crest, the mythological three-legged crow, the Yatagarasu, has been updated as it appears larger on the crest, and with a slightly longer body and less curvature on the neck. The wing has a simpler appearance with less but slightly thicker and longer lines, with the tail having a more detailed look by gaining lines. Its updated third leg holds the red Sun from the Japanese flag on its talon, replacing the red soccer ball with white outline. Under the bird is a black JFA label with an updated typeface and placed closer together.

Behind the Yagatarasu, the shield is white with a red stripe down the center, but is segmented. Metallic golden trim replaces the golden yellow seen on the previous crest. A bold black outline has a white JAPAN wordmark in English and is within the shield and not separated and placed at the bottom. For the women’s National Team, Nadeshiko Japan, a golden star is added atop the crest for their 2011 World Cup win.

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