Create chances, take chances; New Balance Furon and Visaro get a ‘Toxic’ colorway. The first 2016 paint job for the successful New Balance cleats has arrived, with new and vibrant looks for both silos.

Visaro is made for those who Make Chances. Its Vari-zone Ariaprene dimpled upper allows for enhanced touch and ball manipulation. In addition, the Super-Flex soleplate makes the entire boot more responsive, providing the necessary support for midfielders like Aaron Ramsey or defenders like Vincent Kompany. The new colorway features a modern yet elegant combination of white with toxic coloring on the sole plate, laces and interior.


The Furon complements the Visaro, and is made to Take Chances. Reflecting the Furon’s focus on speed and agility, the boots upper has been engineered for explosive release velocity. New Balance also stiffened up the sole-plate for maximum energy return and optimal acceleration. The studs have been dubbed as “ultra-directional”, a design which is said to aid straight-line speed. The color update shows an eye-catching Toxic/Pacific division on the upper.



New Balance Toxic Furon and Visaro will be soon available at WorldSoccerShop.com!