Mizuno has released two new colorways for the Wave Ignitus III ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil this summer. These include a gold/black colorway and a purple/lime green colorway for the boot.

Mizuno 1

As with other releases by Mizuno, the boot features football technology developed in Japan. This technology is represented on three panels: the Mukaiten, Yokokaiten, and Tatakaiten. The Mukaiten panel is placed on the in-step of the Wave Ignitus III to allow for a clean strike on the ball. The Yokokaiten and Tatakaiten panels are located on the inside and outside of the boot respectively. These panels allow the ball to grip the shoe cleanly.

Mizuno 2

Mizuno 3

This technology will remain in both the gold/black colorway and the purple/lime green colorway. The gold version of the Mizuno Wave Ignitus III features a material that is similar to kangaroo leather on the boot’s upper. The boot is gold all around with black accents on the Mizuno logo and around the outside of the shoe. The purple/lime green version of the Mizuno Wave Ignitus III gives off a metallic vibe. It is primarily purple with lime green accents and a white Mizuno logo. Both colorways feature blade-shaped studs on the bottom for better traction and reduced stress on the boot.

Representing Mizuno and their hi-tech boot technology in the World Cup will be none other than Japanese footballer and Milan stud Keisuke Honda. Honda will wear the Wave Ignitus III during Japan’s campaign in Brazil where they will see Columbia, Greece, and Ivory Coast.