Mello Yello teased last year that the lemon, lime, orange citrus flavor soft drink was in store for a ‘disruptive package, logo, and marketing redesign’ in 2016 and the new look was unveiled in December and is being rolled out across the country. 

But we can’t help but think the logo design is not so new and has some striking resemblances to the MK Dons’ badge.

MK Dons and Mello Yello logos

Both logos use the first letters of their name ‘MY’ for Mello Yello and ‘MK’ for Milton Keynes Dons in a stylish and modern way with the second letter set sideways and providing the foundation for an upright ‘M’.  The MK Dons logo includes ‘MMIV’ the Roman numeral for 2004, the year the club was formed. They make a bold statements.

Mello Yello branding for partners
Mello Yello, a distant second to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, is known for using their branding to help associate with their partners.  Last year they released a camouflage can and bottle in association with a new partnership with outdoor brand Realtree.  This new logo works nicely with their major partnership with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).  The partners have launched an updated logo for this season as well.

Some fans in the U.S .may be familiar with MK Dons as it is the club team of American Abroad Cody Cropper.  He has made 3 appearances in cup action for The Dons.

Maybe Mello Yello should consider a soccer sponsorship with MK Dons.

What do you think about the logos?  Similar or outright copy?  Voice your opinions below.