After consulting with fans, Manchester City announced that they will update the club badge and return to the round shape used in the designs in place prior to the current badge was adopted in 1997.

“I am delighted that the Club consulted with the fans about our most important symbol,” Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the Manchester City FC Supporters Club, said.  “It is impressive that they canvassed our opinions on this matter and that they want to reflect our feedback in the ultimate design.”

Manchester City Badge designsCity have used 3 major badge designs in their history.  The original badge and first major update were all round with the club name around the edge and shield in the center.  The current badge is in the shape of an Eagle that is holding a shield with scroll underneath.

“On a personal note, while the Eagle badge will rightly live on in fans’ hearts, minds and on football kits for all that it has come to symbolise over the years.  I am pleased that we will once again see the round design which has twice featured in our past badges.”

New York City FC badge and Melbourne FC badge
The move will have the Manchester City parent club with a similar badge as the ones worn by New York City FC in Major League Soccer and Melbourne FC of the Australian A-League.

HAVE YOUR SAY…Which badge do you think looks the best?  Should Manchester City make the change or stick with the Eagle and Shield design?  Will you buy a new jersey next season with the club’s new badge?