In a joint decision between the players, Lotto and Fedefutbol a consensus was reached for a slight change to the Costa Rican uniforms for Brasil 2014, according to an official statement on their website.

In recent friendly games, players had raised concerns regarding the material used by Lotto for the Tico’s jerseys, but now a new set of shirts has been produced with a different fabric which fulfilled the expectations of the players.

The controversy started after the international friendly match between Japan and Costa Rica, on June 2, in which the jersey was noticeably accumulating sweat as the match progressed. After both the press and the players highlighted the issue, appropriate measure were taken to change the Fabric of the Uniform of the Tricolor to avoid this problem during the World Cup.

According to the Fedefutbol, the players were presented with the new model as they train in the United States before departing for Brazil. The players got to test the redesigned fabric during training, and they were satisfied with the changes implemented by Italian manufacturer Lotto.

Villalobos, treasurer of the Fedefutbol, emphasized that from now on “The important thing is to highlight positive aspects, including the expeditious reactions from Lotto and the receptive attitude from the players. There are too many aspects to focus on; logistics and tactics. It is absurd to wear oneself out on an aspect that was already resolved and that everyone was satisfied” stressed the Fedefutbol official, turning the page on the controversy.