After months of anticipation the World Cup is finally here.  And fans around the world are gearing up to follow their favorite team in hopes of lifting the World Cup Trophy.

Brandon, the cat known as the Mayor of Avondale at Parkside Bar in Birmingham, Alabama – the home of WorldSoccerShop.com, has been studying the schedule and is ready to make his finally prediction.  He is going against the odds to pick Germany to win it all, knowing full well that no team from Europe has won a World Cup hosted in South America.

It should come as no big surprise that Brandon is predicting Germany.  His last name is Katze, cat in German.

“It was great watching games during the 2010 World Cup with ‘the mayor’ and other fans at Parkside,’ said Cindy Wincek.  “We have been counting down the days to the first match in Brazil since Spain lifted the trophy.”

Brandon likes meeting new friends and football fans.  Keep up with him and his World Cup experience on Instagram and facebook.

Is your local bar showing the World Cup?  Leave your comments and pictures of the bar mascot below.