Liverpool will once again be pulling on their famous red jersey with a special sponsor logo when they face Tottenham on Tuesday.  The ‘Seeing is Believing’ logo will be across the chest of the jersey and if history is to be trusted it will bring some good luck.  Liverpool have only lost once while wearing a jersey with the logo.

The change comes with the support of Liverpool’s primary sponsor, Standard Charter.  Seeing is Believing is a campaign promoting simple treatments and affordable surgeries to help patients prevent avoidable blindness.

“Trying to prevent people from becoming blind is a wonderful cause,” Steven Gerrard said of the campaign. “It is a big cause.  The figures are staggering across this country and the world, people who suffer with their vision or are completely blind. It’s a terrific cause and it’s an honour to support it.”

The Reds wore the special jersey last season when they hosted Tottenham last season and just happened to win that match 4-0.