All good things go to heaven and out of respect for one of the best cleats of all-time, the adidas F50, World Soccer Shop and Kickasso have teamed up to pay tribute to the silo with a limited edition of only 7 pairs of the ‘Kickasso Heaven adidas F50.’

The adidas adiZero F50 No Dye cleat was the perfect canvas for the cleat.  The all-white cleat no doubt would have been well received by St Peter at the Pearly Gates but Kickasso added inspiration creating an ethereal cloudy sky background with angel wings and a halo over the toe of each cleat.

Kickasso Heaven adidas F50 Cleats
The cleats are signed and numbers on the lateral side of the cleat.

It is hard to argue with the success of the adiZero.  The lethal cleat has made defenders pay for their mistakes around the world.  It was the most dangerous cleat at the 2014 FIFA World Cup knocking in 54 total goals and being the cleat of choice of 7 of the top 10 goal scorers in Brazil.

Kickasso Heaven adidas F50 CleatsWorld Soccer Shop has sold out of all our F50’s so these are the last chance to put a pair in your soccer bag.  Cherish the moments you have had (and for those lucky to still have some F50’s) and will have with the adidas adiZero F50’s.

The Limited Edition Kickasso Heaven adidas F50 Cleats will be on sale (and sell out quickly) on August 20.