The #Furon Apex is ready to be released on soccer fields around the world with the latest soccer cleat from New Balance inspired by the Peregrine Falcon, the world’s fastest animal, with a focus on a lightweight structure and speed.

“The theme for the Furon Apex comes from bio inspiration, a methodology in which biological systems, processes and elements are studied to draw analogies to be applied to human design and industrial challenges,” New Balance’s Football Boot Designer, Dave Gall, said. “For this boot, we focused on lightweight structure and speed found in nature.”




It did not take long for the design team to settle on the ideal hunting prototype in nature, the Peregrine falcon, and how the bird’s hunting techniques matchup with the skills required to be a lethal striker on the soccer field.

“As the world’s fastest animal, the Peregrine Falcon has a hunting style that is fast, stealthy and dangerous – all the attributes associated with being a top striker. The Furon Apex aids a striker’s never-ending hunt for goals with its lightweight upper and outsole that is optimized for forward traction.”

The connection was evident early as New Balance has used the attributes of the Peregrine Falcon in their running shoes like the Sarava Collection.




But the design process is a different story. After the initial inspiration is finalized it takes 12 to 18 months make the final product. The process starts with drawings then moves to the factory for ‘first pullovers’ that help the team better conceptualize the construction and fit and how different materials work and after several rounds of tweaks a final product is ready for final testing. The colorways, finishes, and details are finalized before the cleat is ready to soar.




Middlesbrough’s Alvaro Negredo and Manchester City’s Jesus Navas are 2 players that will be pulling on the new New Balance Furon Apex soccer cleats this fall and looking to hunt goals in the English Premier League.

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