Puma has offered a boot deal to Leicester City’s mascot, a player who became pro thanks to Pokemon, Tom Hanks’ bet and more histories in this week’s Top Soccer Moments!

Leicester City’s success has reached boiling point, they could secure their first ever Premier League title at Old Trafford if they beat Manchester United. In the wake of their greatest achievement, Puma decided to reach Filbert Fox – Leicester’s mascot – to offer him a deal in order to get him to wear their latest cleats. He happily accepted, and now we’ll see him wearing the Puma evoSPEED tricks.

Every kid would give anything to become a professional soccer player, right? Well, for Simon Tibbling it took a little convincing. This Swedish U-21 international wasn’t too keen of training sessions, until his mother offered him two packs of Pokemon cards for each training he attended. Now he has a promising career, and still loves Pokemon like in the old days.

Apparently Tom Hanks was one of the faithful (or lucky) soccer fans who placed a bet on Leicester City winning the Premier League at the start of this season… or at least that’s what he told The Guardian. The two times Academy Awards winner claimed he put £100 (around 146 USD) on the Foxes, but closed his statement with a “maybe I did, maybe I didn’t” when he felt the reporter’s disbelief. It’s up to us what to believe.

Djibril Cisse DJing before Mariah Carey concert
The unforgettable Djibril Cisse has been busy since his retirement, and surprised everyone by opening Mariah Carey’s Paris show last week. He was hard to ignore on the field, and it seems that his DJ skills are good enough too.

CONMEBOL have revealed the special trophy for Copa América Centenario. The 24k gold covered trophy will belong eternally to the team that wins this edition, and will be accompanied by the regular Copa América trophy (with the difference that this one shall be returned for the 2019 Copa América. The full TV schedule for Copa América Centenario has been unveiled, and you can check it here.

Newcomer Emmanuel Boateng has been voted as the MLS Player of the week, thanks to his goal and two assists during LA Galaxy’s emphatic 5-2 victory over Real Salt Lake. Not bad for the beginning of your first year at Major League Soccer. He was wearing the bold Hypervenoms form Nike’s Radiant Reveal pack.

Time to bid farewell, come back next week to see more histories from our beloved soccer world!