The Los Angeles Football Club have unveiled the team’s official logo and colors on Thursday. The expansion MLS side will be going with a stylish black and gold, combining Hollywood’s glamour with urban grit, to match with a solid crest. With several of the team’s owners and stakeholders present including former MLB All-Star Nomar Garciaparra and his wife, US Women’s Soccer legend Mia Hamm in attendance, LAFC now has a definite identity that will stand out in MLS.


The crest features a golden LA monogram in the middle of a black shield with golden outlines, which is in the shape of the Seal of Los Angeles. A wing appears from the A, and is represents power, speed and strength and is a universally recognized symbol. The second club from the City of Angels cites several mythological deities and beings from throughout history associated with the wing, and a reference to the Los Angeles Aztecs of the old NASL. The club’s name is within the crest, with Los Angeles over the monogram and Football Club underneath. The club will begin play in MLS in 2018.