adidas set the bar high for cleat releases in 2016 with the unveiling of the PURECONTROL but the ACE 16 collection is about more than just the high profile laceless cleat.  After the laceless reveal in the middle of January, the other cleats from the ACE 16 collection have been showcased and they are equally impressive albeit a little more traditional…they have laces.

ACE16+ Purecontrol

Laceless ACE16+ Purecontrol

The adidas ACE16+ Purecontrol is the revolutionary leader of the silo.  The 3-Stripes unveiled a blacked- out look announcing the new laceless technology in November that immediately caused a stir among players and cleat lovers.

A TPU cage system secures the mid-foot and gives lateral stability, Primeknit and a new collar complete the lockdown of the foot and provide the perfect fit and touch on the ball that is able to maximize with no laces, and the return of the adidas Sprintframe.

ACE+ 16.1 Primeknit

ACE+ 16.1 Primeknit

Laceless is not for everyone which is where the adidas ACE+ 16.1 Primeknit steps onto the field.  An update to the ACE 15+ from last year this year’s model provides a better fit with Primeknit sleeve that wraps around the tongue to go with the control of the Primeknit upper, and topped off with the new adidas collar.

adidas ACE 16.1

The adidas ACE 16.1 is not laceless and does not include the adidas collar, so distinct on the previous cleats, but it will undoubtedly be the workhorse of the silo.  And for good reason.  The synthetic upper has been improved with a thinner feel providing better touch on the ball and the addition of the Sprintframe soleplate.

ACE 16.1 Leather

ACE 16.1 Leather

Revolutions never happen overnight and for those players looking for change but unsure of how far to go the adidas ACE 16.1 Leather is the perfect weapon.  The leather versions of cleats are sometimes overlooked in the synthetic day in age but that is a mistake.  The ACE technology combined with a K-Leather upper gives this the construction of a classic but the loud colorway let’s everyone know who the boss is.

adidas shocked everyone (worried some) when they moved away from their traditional 4 silos to a streamlined 2 silo line but change is good and the early indications from the ACE 16 launch shows it can also be better and there is no telling what to expect later this year with the Euro and Copa America Centenario taking center stage.

Boss Everyone in the new adidas ACE 16 cleat silo from World Soccer Shop.